Saturday, June 15, 2013 Fion Lai 0 Comments

 forever 21 jumper, h&m leather pants, pull & bear necklace, asos heels

Finding a proper location for shoot is the worst nightmare to me,firstly and and most lethally, they have to be somewhat within 1 km from my home as I simply couldn't stand stumbling in heels and tried to pose like I'm enjoying myself, so for a solution i have to carry the heels with me while I walked to somewhere else. Well, secondly I still feel very awkward to pose when there are people around, I know I should get over this soon, and I probably will, but at the moment I am uncomfortable with the posing.
You will probably realize this, my facial expression is extremely stiff and awkward, which I guarantee I will improve on it.

Anyway, enough with my inner babbling, I still hope you will like this clean, minimalistic look with the spiky necklace to spice things up a little, exactly like me!

Photo credit: Carol Leong