White on White

Saturday, July 13, 2013 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Here... are a few of peculiar behind the scene photos...

h&m blouse, topshop pants, asos heels & clutch

Winter is the weather here in Australia and as non-matching as white is to the teeth clattering season, the boring dark colours are not the only dressing options. Aiming for the entire white outfit has been my fascination for a while now after the white heat trend has hit both the runways and streets, well, what can I say? Considering more than half of my items in the wardrobe are in white or beige, I do have a thing for white. As I have mentioned before, searching for background for the photoshoot is the worst nightmare and the most challenging of all, however one thing I am sure of - Nothing pays off unless you keep challenging yourself


Photo credit to Carol Leong