Outback South Australia and Central Coast

Saturday, September 07, 2013 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Going away from modern life into the outback track was one of a kind, and a dust & dirt 4wd trip worthier than any other foremost luxury travel to the superb and exclusive resorts, or indulge in any top-class facilities and service while sunbathing, overlooking the blue waters and the tranquil view. On the contrary, the trip is no where near the word 'relax' or 'comfortable', we instead had out footprints imprinted on countless dirt land, sand dune, and even on the soil of the hottest and driest town in the driest state of the driest continent. We went through places where water is undrinkable due to the use of underground water, we stopped at towns that have population under 10 people plus a few shacks, we also had fueled out car with petrol that costs an arm and a leg, not to mention staying in the car for half the day to go from one location to another and the ceaseless bumping I experienced when the car was going over the undulating unsealed road.

I never knew there is so much about this part of Australia, for the record of conquering the entire east coast and the little island below Australia mainland, the landscape and the flora and fauna are so rough and sun-drenched that painted a derelict and monotonous of the red soil that was completely different than the coast. Yes, everything is parched and crumbling under the blazing hot sun that seemed to seep through your skin at day, the land is barren and jagged that the picturesque lush greens are nowhere in sight, hence any wildlife except for the aggravating flies. Far from the usual water view, you must observe in details to feel the beauty in the austerity of the desert, and appreciate this desolate area in another perspective.

In the last picture is my father standing next to his precious "baby" with his usual frown cameraface, never have I done this before but I really want to express my gratitude to everything he has done to me, he was literally driving for more than 12 hours just to get us home from South Australia on the last day. He plays a vital role in this trip and my life as well, love you daddy!