Simpson Sails

Monday, October 14, 2013 Fion Lai 4 Comments

Wearing: Simpsons knit set by ebay, asos heels

Sometime over 2 weeks ago, my school year 11 social was held on a boat with the excitement of exploring and experiencing the spectacular night of the most beautiful harbour- the Sydney Harbour. In this wild and frantic party, people were having the time of their life swinging to the beat of the hardcore club music, or in my case, treat this as a bonding time with my lovely girlfriends. What really will entrap my memory of the night is the photoshoot I did on cruise, precisely, on the water. Not only was I panicking whether to board the boat at the first place since I have got sea sickness and generally have phobia with boats; another obstacle to get over is the embarrassment of posing in front of people I know. With the luck and the skill of my friend/photographer, the photos turn out to be satisfying and eccentrically decent.

My sincere acknowledgement goes to the lady, Carol Leong, who has been my photographer this entire time and has generously shared these photos of the mysterious yet magnificent habour view with us. 

Photo credit: Carol Leong


  1. Love how you switched this look from casual day wear to a fun night out look!

    Kirsten x

  2. The matching top and skirt look weirdly good together - love how you sexied it up with the strappy heels.


  3. Lovely post and you have such a nice blog girl!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know;)

    Love from Amsterdam!

  4. Cute pictures I do streetstyle in Australia- would be great to spot your outfit sometime!