Free Spirit

Sunday, November 03, 2013 Fion Lai 3 Comments

Wearing : beige crop top from Cotton On, bohemian skirt from Bershka, sandals from h&m, bikini top from Roxy, tropical printed skirt from h&m, sunglasses from romwe

Nothing relaxes me more than a troll along the seashore in a comfy and simple outfit of a bejeweled top paired with a bohemian inspired chiffon skirt and sandals. The beach reminiscences joyfulness and warmth and bliss, sunbathing while chit chatting with my girlfriends about all sort of things in the world is the greatest enjoyment of all. Once in a while, I find pleasure in doing the simplest thing and somehow that's exactly what I need in my recently tied up life with school (don't get me started!). The more I engage in the more I realize that happiness is pretty damn simple!

Photo Credit: Carol Leong


  1. Gorgeous photos! The graffiti looks so good with your outfit

    Flourish Blog

  2. lovely outfits and really cute blog

  3. Love your sunnies! x