Nelson Bay

Friday, January 24, 2014 Fion Lai 2 Comments

Wearing: vintage white maxi dress (similar here) , vintage sun hat (similar here)

Much to the unexpected surprises of this short trip to Port Stephens, Sydney, I encountered a handful of attractions, including numerous beautiful beaches and bays, striking lookouts and the most prominent feature out of all, the magnificent Stockton Sand Dune. Though the weather was utterly not pleasant with the highest degree of about 35 or higher, not to mention without wind at all to relief our overheated bodies, I have experienced a different type of sensation. Plus, the best resolution was to jump into the ocean and cool off from there. My look of simplicity was to pair a white beach dress and hat which Carol has generously lent me. Fresh, picturesque and impressive are the three words I have gathered after visiting Port Stephens.

Photo credit: Carol Leong


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