Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Wearing: asos cami (here), zara skirt (similar here), asos heels (similar here), h&m cross body bag (simialar here)

The crystal clear waves glistened under the blazing sun and lapped the shore uniformly; sea breeze gently caressed my whole body. That was mostly what happened during the photo-shoot at one of the most captivating spots in Sydney, minus the part where I was embraced by the 'gentle' wind, it was more like wind blowing into my face, tousling them in all directions; whipping at my already frozen body. Nevertheless, I was enjoying myself very much with the strikingly beautiful sea view in my outfit for the day.

All I ever wanted to wear in summer is a simple outfit paired with cami, this look is idealistic for a sense of ease and sophistication. Speaking of the weather, here in Sydney is making their way into winter at the moment, which signals the end of my beloved shorts... how I miss you, summer and cami!  

Photo by Carol Leong