Saturday, May 31, 2014 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Wearing: dress from sheinside (here), letterman jacket borrowed from megan and vans

The idea of having a photoshoot in a market, a busy and crowded one especially, has never come across my mind. It wasn't until Carol, my photographer and friend, has suggested this place that seems so unrealistic and improper for a photoshoot, that I have started to reconsider a number of settings that are faded out automatically in the back of my mind. The ones that I have lost interest in since I have been to it so many times but have the element of creativity and surprise concealed in it. Market is a flawless example that offers freshness with the ever changing shift of people and the the various products. Perhaps it is the taint of amazement of a new place (or simply the lack of ideas), I eventually accept Carol's advice and have this unpredictable place as my photoshoot setting.
Rusty metal shutter of the factory and the shadowy figures are in contrast with my preppy outfit consisted of a white dress and varsity jacket lended kindly by Megan. Even though the places emits a lonesome and bleak atmosphere (that contradicts the beehive at Fleminton Market) I was enjoying myself nevetheless in this empty part of the market.

Photo by Carol Leong