Saturday, November 22, 2014 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Wearing: Zara Trench Coat (similar here), Zara Loafers (similar here), Vintage Backpack

The Trench season has long gone in Australia, instead cami and shorts and sandals are what I am wearing during the heat wave. But one can never resist the classy trench coat that always gives your look a sense of sophistication. This Zara Trench coat was in fact the first coat I have ever owned, despite it being on No.1 on my bucket list for a while and a long search for the perfect coat. My love for coat does not stop here- it has only fueled my desire for a coat collection include coats of various colours, shapes and lengths and I am currently looking out for a caramel wool coat.
Even though coat with pants or jeans are considered as the norm for an everyday look, I am still fantasized by the simple chic look that offers the warmth and style in colder weather.

Photo by Carol Leong