Thursday, December 18, 2014 Fion Lai 1 Comments

Wearing: asos peplum hem pencil dress (here), asos black pointed heels (here)

Formal, prom or homecoming - any form of ceremony or event that concludes your bittersweet high school is the second most important occasion in a girl's life (to me at least), after wedding. It is not merely a celebration for graduating high school and reuniting with students and teachers, to me it is also an occasion for dressing up formally to an event that is held in such a large scale. For our school, it was held after the HSC, a perfect chance for us students to bond with one another again after about 2 months gap, and the first time for me to see a lot of other peers in formal attires and high heels. 

It will be a certain lie if I daresay I have not prepared for it wholeheartedly, so would any other girl, shopping and dressing up are qualities that we own unknowingly. I opted for a simple black dress with a peplum hem because I am a minimal kind of person (or boring), and my heels to be a pair of black strapped pointed high heels that I have owned for a while but since they go with the outfit, I just paired them with my dress. The formal was sweet and unforgettable. Despite of the numerous events that will be more splendid and glamourous than the school formal in the future, for ne it will be a memory hard to forget.

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