Urban: Black White Stripes

Monday, January 26, 2015 Fion Lai 1 Comments

Wearing: Asos crop top (here), Asos pants with contrast panel (similar here), Zu black boots

I was never a colour person,but as I grow up I have found my style going towards minimalistic- in fact I don't wear a lot of colours, black, white, grey, brown are about as 'colourful' as it gets in the colour department. So, this look pretty much sums up my style and who I really am- minimalistic, simple with clean and strong lines (which kind of describe my character). Black and white has always been my favourite combo for a simple sophisticated look as it allows you to have some variations other than a monochromatic look but on the safe side (wearing multiple colours makes me feel insecure, as expected from a monochromatic frantic). For this year 2015, I am going to venture out of my comfort zone to avoid dressing like going to a funeral, navy sounds great... (one step at a time)

Photo credit: Carol Leong

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