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Friday, February 27, 2015 Fion Lai 0 Comments

Wearing: Asos skirt, Zara bag, Forever 21 sandals

Midi skirt has never really been my thing, solely because it simply doesn't compliment shorties like me with it designed to be cutting my legs in awkward places. Like flares, Bermuda shorts and wide-legged trousers, there are some styles that only look good on models and taller people which I have avoided at all costs, midi being one of those styles. But there's always an exception to everything, one that makes your eyes sparkle and instantly click on the 'buy' button in Asos despite all costs, like how it doesn't suit you or makes you stumpier or the price exceeds your allowance ( I have personally done that a few times!). So there it is, I found myself falling in love with this flowy black and white chiffon skirt, topping it with a cropped  striped long sleeve tee and a pair of strapped sandals, is my outfit of the day.

Photo credit: Carol Leong